Terry Hastings  
Abstract ~ Landscape ~ Figurative ~ Floral ~ Glass ~ Textile ~ Sculpture
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Terry Hastings

At the age of 4, Terry came down the stairs with an encyclopedia open with music notes on it and asked his parents what they sounded like. His parents then bought him a piano and lessons. And then drum lessons, voice lessons, paint, clay...

Eventually Terry started paying for his own things including a degree in Theatre. After years in the theatre and creating something that disappeared the moment the show was over, Terry decided to get into a medium with a longer shelf life, Photography.

Wherein, he previously directed performers on stage into great configurations and stage pictures, Terry now collaborates with many natural elements, wind, water, sun, sky and sand at play and frames them into his photographic work.

Terry prints most of his work on metal. The added shimmer and depth accentuates the water and the sky. The pieces are water-proof and scratch-resistant. Fingerprints clean up with a clean damp cloth.

Terry's work is adorning the walls everywhere from New York to New Zealand and from Sweden to Saudia Arabia. He is very happy to be showing and selling his work back in the homeland.

Terry was born and raised in Jordan, Minnesota and currently resides in Palm Springs, California.