Susan Singleton  
Abstract ~ Landscape ~ Figurative ~ Floral ~ Glass ~ Textile ~ Sculpture
Art Resources Gallery

The Ziggurats are reflections of a search for order, simplicity, clarity and balance.

This work is made from Japanese WASHI paper stitched together, then dyed with acrylic stains and varnishes, stenciled with metallic, iridescence and subtle colors and finally, leafed with gold, copper or silver....referencing things ancient uncovered, discovered.

No two pieces are exactly alike, they evolve as connected leading into the next.

The colors seem to follow the seasonal northwest light, grasses and the sea that surround the Orcas Island Studio.

This work is minimal, primitive yet formal in its voice, definitely handmade-with irregular edges, handstitching and textural surfaces, bringing to the viewer a remembrance of...sail making, teepees, quilting...temples.

There is both the development of experimental work in the studio as well as the commissioned work that meets site specific requirements.