Robinson Scott  
Abstract ~ Landscape ~ Figurative ~ Floral ~ Glass ~ Textile ~ Sculpture
Art Resources Gallery

After 27 years of working with glass, I still walk into the studio with eagerness and anticipation. Knowing that I will use my skills and lungs to breath life into the glass to create works of art, is incredibly stimulating. Glass is the best material for expressing creative ideas, because the possibilities it offers are never ending. As I have worked with glass over the years, I am impressed with how much I continue to learn. The techniques and applications seem limitless, and it has become painfully obvious that I will run out of time on earth before I run out of ideas. I spend my time with glass pursuing difference and personal perfection in form and design. I enjoy the challenge of change, ever striving to learn new designs, techniques, and approaches in glass. I sincerely enjoy this exploration. Nothing makes me happier than when a piece of glass I have made takes my breath away as I remove it from the annealer. That's a tall order, considering I make 20 to 40 pieces a week. There are times when I am so inspired by a day's work that I can hardly wait to return to the studio the next day to see the results and begin working again. Glass is perpetual that way, each day with it, each experience with it stimulates ideas and motivates me to work with it more.

The fact that glass is such a process-oriented material has enlightened and enriched my life. Our lives are so much about process. Working with glass has taught me to enjoy those many processes without having so much invested in the product or goal. There is no better lesson in life than having a piece I have worked so hard on, fall to the floor and break. Not a common occurrence these days, but in the past, many eloquent pieces have never made it to completion.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of such a vast community of diversely talented and creative people. I greatly enjoy and appreciate the experiences and richness my association with glass has brought into my life.