Lucinda Carlstrom  
Abstract ~ Landscape ~ Figurative ~ Floral ~ Glass ~ Textile ~ Sculpture
Art Resources Gallery

Lucinda Carlstrom combines her appreciation for delicate and opulent materials with a finely developed sense of structures. Her attention to textural variety and richness has led her as far away as Japan for the beautiful papers she incorporates into the quilts she weaves. The variety and richness inherent in the material multiplies when the materials interact. Carlstrom gives the viewer a strong structure and small doses of these rich materials - including 23-karat gold leaf - which are the visual equivalent of a sumptuous meal.

Carlstrom infuses her work with a sense of adventure by challenging herself with the mathematical possibilities for changing the shapes and relationships in each of the structures she devises. She elongates her shapes and manipulates the possibilities of the perceived boundaries. Carlstrom's objective is the visual equivalent of a building and its structural components. She builds in fabric. Her materials are exotic - salvaged antique silks, gold and silver leaf, unusual handmade papers - which she quilts together with an eye that delights in the interplay. She looks to American fold arts and classical oriental objects for her inspiration in creating constructions with her own signature.

In recognition of her talents, institutions around the world have sought out Carlstrom and invited her to share her vision with them: she has traveled for the United States Information Agency to Tokyo, Mexico and South America. Her reputation in the USA continues to grow as she shows and is collected around the country.