Juno Sky  
Abstract ~ Landscape ~ Figurative ~ Floral ~ Glass ~ Textile ~ Sculpture
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About the materials:

Juno Sky mixed media works incorporate a wide variety of art materials including handmade paper produced at the studio. The major fibers used are cotton rag, abaca, and flax (linen). This combination of fibers is used to produce a durable sheet as well as a sheet with a beautiful surface. Some papers from India, Japan, Nepal, and Thailand may also be included in certain works. All papers are acid free. Juno Sky also makes cast paper sheets from specially designed molds. These sheets are three-dimensional and are very engaging.

Colors used are pure pigments, acrylic and iridescent paints, oil paint and encaustic wax. Metal leaf is used generously in many works. These include copper, gold, silver, aluminum, and multi-colored Dutch metal. Great care is taken to assure an archival result. All works are protected with several coats of Ultraviolet Varnish for protection from the elements.

Presenting Mixed Media Paperworks:

Because of the protective coating of UV varnish, the mixed media works can be hung mounted on canvas or on a floating structure without plexiglass. Paper is a very durable material. When treated with state-of-the-art technology, it can be displayed with the same confidence as fine art on canvas.

Juno Sky received an MFA in painting and art history from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and did post-graduate studies at the Art Institute of Chicago. Juno has spent many years in the exploration of painting, papermaking, mixed media and all possible combinations. A passionate experimenter and teacher, Juno Sky's journey has led to unique mixed media works that have been included in national shows and to being placed in prestigious public collections and numerous private collections worldwide. Her unwavering experimentation has produced a body of engaging works imbued with texture and rich color. Her constant search for the unique continues. Juno relates that, “my work is my lifeline; it is my language, my passion, my most aware and accurate means of communication. Creating is the channel for relating joyful experiences, quiet contemplation, and the many subtle nuances of “energy” that can only be shared visually. Most of all the process is spiritually healing and celebratory.”  


June 28, 2006

For years I have been an experimenter of technique, searching for a way to more fully infuse my work with context and passion, while presenting stories of life with painterly abstract dialogue. It is often the sheer joy of working with surfaces, the layering and building of textures, and the composing with intense color that are essential parts of a work. Seasoned old papers are combined with freshly made handmade papers symbolizing the flow of life as it brings along the past into the present. This activity of adding, subtracting, and embellishing is transforming and satisfies ones “inherent pleasure in making things.”

The method of working with a variety of media also satisfies my need for a “more keenly aware” sensory expression and has become my favorite visual language.

With nature as my wellspring, the recent works include landforms and botanical images which have been fused with the geometry, clear vibrant color, and heavy textures. The works are sometimes brilliant and bold, at other times subtle and quiet.

At their best they summon a sense of "luxuriant energy" and affirmation of life. I hope they imply “poetic relationships” and evoke the celebratory spirit with which I approach life at this time.