Jon Bush  
Abstract ~ Landscape ~ Figurative ~ Floral ~ Glass ~ Textile ~ Sculpture
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Jon has lived in California since 1965 and currently lives in Lucerne Valley, in the high desert in the southern portion on the state. Jon earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from California state university at Fullerton in 1976. His primary field or study as an undergraduate was ceramic sculpture.

After graduation Jon returned to obtain a Master of Arts degree in glass sculpture. His master’s show was a group of sculptures which incorporated blown forms that were cut, polished and reassembled with plate glass. Manipulating molten glass with blow pipes and tools while using traditional blown glass techniques is his primary mode of glass working. Jon has applied his ceramic background to the constriction of glass furnaces. He currently makes his own crucibles and formulates his own glass batches and castables.

Jon Bush makes blown glass pieces in the style of the Tiffany Glass Company. He and his family live in California but operate booths at Renaissance Festivals in the summer months in Colorado and Minnesota. He has been doing this since 1979. Jon enjoys the open air studios at the fairs and finds the sharing of the seldom seen craft to be the most rewarding.

At these festivals he operates fully functioning glass studios and does all the work himself. "I build the equipment, formulate and mix the batch, load and melt the glass, design the work, blow the pieces, and do all the grinding and polishing," a rare combination of artistic talent.