Allison Leudke  
Abstract ~ Landscape ~ Figurative ~ Floral ~ Glass ~ Textile ~ Sculpture
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Mixed Media ~ Sculpture ~ Glass

I have been interested in art all of my life.  At the age of 8, I enjoyed sewing and baking and discovered that I loved to work with my hands and I loved to create!  I embrace all kinds of 3 dimensional mediums: bronze, cast glass, metals, found objects, stone, and mosaic.  Some of my favorite pieces have combined many of the aforementioned, into the same work of art.  As of late, I compose large assemblages of welded metals, glass, and colorful raw hides (used as binders).  I sew them together like in my earlier days as a seamstress.

To keep my mind and hands fresh, I work on several projects at the same time.  This keeps me from forging through a project too fast.  The urge to finish is always great.  But I challenge myself to “leave it alone”.  This gives me several opportunities to edit the work in progress.  With these frequent “edits”, I am able to add or subtract to ensure an excellent finished product.

I appreciate private commission work, as well as corporate installations.  My favorite scenario is when I am challenged to develop and idea depicting an emotion, or a corporate mission.  Then, I develop that idea and tell the story through visual art.


My style is that of high color contrast, extreme texture, and use of unexpected highlights.  I also revel in projects that show relationships.  As a sculptor, I am drawn to abstract designs, although I enjoy realism (portrait), too.   I am drawn to the construction that comes with this type of work.  The process gets messy and consists of sculpting clay, making molds, pouring molten bronze into the molds, then welding the pieces back together.  My work ranges from small to life size. 

Cast Glass

Creating a cast glass piece, is like creating a story.  With each layering of glass, comes the opportunity to share an emotion or a thought.  My goal is for the viewer to feel that  same emotion or thought when looking at the final product.  For example, in creating a “Mended Glass Heart”, I might choose vibrant colors indication a vibrant, active and loving heart.  Then I might saw it in half showing that the heart has been “broken”.  Lastly, I might use had cast bronze pieces to mend the heart back together.  The final product portrays a positive message…that of …broken hearts can be mended so beautifully.

My mission is to spread joy!


Corporate Commissions (list is not complete)

Great River Energy Corporate Office
Market Point CBRE
Hotel Minneapolis
Ivy Hotel (penthouse suite)
Engineering Products Company
Great Ape Trust
Riverside Hospital
Italian American Cultural Center
Minnetonka Beach City Hall
Campbell Mithun
Henson and Efron Law Firm
605 building
Noran Clinic
Stoel Reives Law Firm
Retek Corporate Headquarters Lobby
Bethesda Corporate Office
Fairview, St Francis, Health Partners: